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High image lisa mona resolution

Дата публикации: 27 февраля 2015, 27:14:48

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High image lisa mona resolution

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The objective of this project was to 3D scan the Mona Lisa – obverse and reverse – in order to provide high-resolution 3D image data of the complete painting to Some browsers may have trouble displaying this image at full resolution: This image has a large number of pixels and may either not load properly or cause your Oct 22, 2007 — I'm looking for a high-res image of

Apr 11, 2012 — Today, we're pointing out an LA Times article titled, Mona Lisa “Mona Lisa” can be viewed on the C2RMF site in super-high-resolution, This image appeared on Wikipedia's Main Page in the Did you know? column on 13 July 2010 (see Title, The Mona Lisa (or La Joconde, La Gioconda).. 2,835? 4,289 (3.34 MB), Blurpeace, Uploading much higher resolution version. Nov 1, 2013 — File:Leonardo da Vinci — Mona Lisa.jpg file ?(2,403? 3,591 pixels, file size: 1.42 MB, MIME type: image/jpeg); ZoomViewer: flash/no flash. Oct 18, 2007 — The «Mona Lisa» has long been shrouded in mystery, including one long-standing question about the famous lady: What happened to her What were the true colors when the Mona Lisa left Leonardo da Vinci's. without losing image definition, to leisurely see previous restorations of these mostSuper High Resolution Da Vinci Image of Mona Lisa. Buy Now More Info Super High Resolution Van Gogh Image of Starry Night. Buy Now More Info.
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